Alice + Olivia's Stacey Bendet Dishes On Miniskirt Collab With Magnum Ice Cream

Alice Olivia Stacey Bendet Magnum Ice Cream

Stacey Bendet at the Alice + Olivia/Magnum Ice Cream luncheon in New York on April 12.
Photo: Courtesy of Alice + Olivia/Magnum

Listen, we love food ALMOST as much as we love fashion, so when we were asked to attend the Alice + Olivia/Magnum Ice Cream luncheon, it was a no-brainer. Two words: Ice. Cream. We dined in the sumptuous (a word we never use so it totally must be true) Loft & Garden on Fifth Avenue to celebrate the exciting news that A + O founder Stacey Bendet was teaming up with the gourmet brand to create a miniskirt inspired by the new Magnum Mini ice cream bars. Awwww! How cute is that? If you're not already familiar, Magnum is the exquisitist (that's totally a word) dessert brand to grace the fashion world as of late—Karl Lagerfeld directed one of their campaigns starring Rachel Bilson just last year. Sweet! Stacey will debut the skirt during New York Fashion Week this fall with the rest of her Spring 2013 presentation, but we wanted to know more! Luckily, we got the chance to catch up with the oh-so-cute designer and get all the deets.

MTV Style: Alice + Olivia and Magnum sounds like a PERFECT fit. How did this collab come about?

Stacey Bendet: We worked with Magnum for a long time for our shows and events, and I love having ice cream and miniature cupcakes and all kinds of little sweets whenever we do parties. When they came to us and said they were launching a mini and wanted me to design a miniskirt, I was like, "I love that!" 'cause I like all things small. The concept is just this idea that the miniskirt should be decadent and sexy and luxurious and fun just like a miniature ice cream is.

What inspires you about Magnum, particularly?

I think the brand in general, it's becoming more and more well-known here, but in Europe, it is the ultimate decadent ice cream treat, and I love that. There's this sexiness to it. A lot of time ice cream is fun, and I don't think in this country ice cream is really branded in the way that that is. And I like the tie in with that brand cause clothes are a treat too.

Alice Olivia Stacey Bendet Magnum Ice Cream

Stacey Bendet shows off her nails at the Alice + Olivia/Magnum Ice Cream luncheon in New York on April 12.
Photo: MTV Style

Fun! So, spill the beans—what does the skirt look like? Have you started designing it yet?

No, we did the video first, and we'll start working on a designs for the skirt probably over the summer. But it's definitely going to be something over the top.

Um, please tell me more.

I think at the [New York Fashion Week] show, we'll showcase it, so I'm thinking it has to be in some beautiful vintage refrigerator or something.

OOOH. Does this mean food might inspire your Spring 2013 collection?

I think things that are miniature might!

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