Rita Ora Keeps Beauty Game On Lock, Even On Roller Coasters

Rita Ora

Rita Ora rides a roller coaster on Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York.
Photo: Splash News

If you're not up on sultry songstress Rita Ora yet, quit dragging your feet already and join us on this amaaaazing party bus. Not only does this cutie hold Jay-Z's coveted stamp of approval, you'll be cranking her anthemic "How We Do (Party)" all summer long. And fashionably speaking, girl is head-to-toe chic at all times. Even with pained expressions and screaming her lungs out on one of Coney Island's roller coasters.

I mean, hi. If this were a picture of us riding a steep thrill ride drop, there's be mascara running from involuntary tears, lipstick smudged all over our teeth and cheeks, and at least ONE hair out of place. But not Rita. Her lips are immaculate with lipstick SO evenly applied. Her cheeks are appropriately flushed but not clownish. And her nails (HER NAILS!!!) are iriedescent, perfectly pointed, and (most importantly) all in tact. She even retains the ability to hold her JEWELZ down as she descends. #boss

Rita Ora

Rita Ora behind-the-scenes at MTV Style.
Photo: MTV Style

Also!! Keep your eyes peeled here for more Rita Ora updates because we've been cooking up a little somethin' somethin' with her that you DON'T want to miss! *WINKKKK*

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