Would You Use A Hands-Free Umbrella?


Nubrella offers a hands-free umbrella option.
Photo: Courtesy of Nubrella

April showers may bring May flowers, but while you're trudging through the wet season to get to those springtime bouquets, you're going to need some serious weather-combating armor. For most people a simple umbrella will do the trick - one of the extra-large golf variety with a fancy handle or perhaps the sleek, compactible kind - but for others, those old-fashioned methods of precipitation protection just don't cut it. Sometimes you just can't be bothered with holding an umbrella. Like, what do I look like, Fonzworth Bentley?? Or maybe you want to ride your bike in the rain, but can't stand to be seen in a trash-bag-looking poncho (let's be real, only Bill Cunningham has the charm to pull that little number off). Whatever your reason, look no further than the Nubrella to make your hands-free rainy day dreams a reality.

Okay, so on paper, it's totally a novel idea. We all know how cumbersome holding an umbrella can be, especially if you're trying to carry other things, like, say a serious Topshop haul or a crate of grande soy lattes or whatever whatever. The prospect that this little plastic armadillo shell might solve that is definitely enticing. But with that contrast back panel and guard rail-esque front, it smacks a little too loudly of baby buggy or Bubble Boy for our liking. A superficial reason to shoot down what could be a really helpful invention, yes, but can you reeeeally blame us? Maybe enough brave souls will counter our stance to make it okay for us all to proudly wear Nubrellas, but for now, we'll just keep trying to grow that third arm.

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