Trend To Try: Color Block Accessories

Topshop Shopper Bag, Floppy Hat, and Drop Earrings; ASOS Color Block belt and Happy Socks Inca socks.
Photo: Topshop; ASOS; Madewell

Color blocking is one of spring's biggest trends thanks in part to another trend, sportswear, which was all over the runways. What we love about wearing bold blocks of color (aside from the whole infusion of cheerfulness to our otherwise goth-like winter wardrobes) is that it adds a bit of movement to a basic ensemble. It's also great for those of us who are into the whole mixed prints look but don't know if that stripey blouse will really look ok with a neon floral skirt. Enter color blocking! We recommend giving it a try through accessories. Topshop's Blue Structured Shopper Bag (above left) is the right balance of school/work functionality with blue and yellow modernism—the perfect accessory to accent that still-being-worn black dress. (Don't worry, we're still wearing ours, too. With tights. *sigh*) Topshop also has a Colour Block Floppy Hat in black and tan for those who shun color altogether but pair it with a pair of gold and yellow Circle Triangle Drop Earrings and a maxi dress, and you're good to go. Just want a dash of blockage? An ASOS Color Block Waist Belt in purple and red suede is great with jeans and a tee or try Madewell's Happy Socks in Inca print, instead, for something a bit more funzies. Need more options? We've got 'em!

Urban Outfitters Lollipop Earrings and Cat Eye Sunglasses; Clare Vivier La Grande Pouchette clutch and a.v. max Donut-Chord Bracelet.
Photo: Urban Outfitters; Need Supply

We don't know about you, but we're all about pink and orange together. It makes us think of nu-rave popsicles (do they make those?) as well as Nicki Minaj's accessory game. Thus, we think you should just embrace the upcoming sunshiny days with beams of beatific color, like these Urban Outfitters Lollipop Post Earrings (above left), which are whimsical and fun. The same can be said for a pair of Colorblock Extreme Cat Eye Sunglasses in yellow and teal which are very chic cartoon superhero. Pair 'em with this cute Clare Vivier La Grande Pochette mini clutch in cream and sky blue, and if you're feeling really bold, throw on an a.v. max Donut-Chord Bracelet. Feeling super duper color block bold? Stack some Bicoloured Swatches up in there, too.

The new Bicoloured Swatch collection.
Photo: Swatche

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