Ryan Gosling Or Justin Bieber: Who Wore A Printed Tee Best?

Ryan Gosling, Justin Bieber

Ryan Gosling and Justin Bieber wear printed tees.
Photo: Splash News

Gird your loins, dear readers. We have a veritable Internet breaker on our hands. For starters, Ryan Gosling is back in NYC after (what we feel was) a too-long jaunt in Thailand filming Only God Forgives and without skipping a beat, continues to knock street style out of the park. Much like Gosling, the ubiquitous-of-late Justin Bieber is also a master of off-duty style. In an epically fateful fashion collision, these style savvy dudes have both chosen to wear bold printed tees on the VERY SAME DAY. *braces self against plastic swivel chair arm rests with white-knuckled Herculean force* MTV Style regulars know, of course, what's coming next: it's time to take things to the ring and pit these sartorial studs against each other for another edition of "Who Wore It Better?"

Rocking a printed tee (and we're not just talking some simple graphic isolated to the pectorial area here) is deliberate act of fashion. The printed tee sits in its own category, separate from concert tees and message tees, because it's essentially a wall of THINGS HAPPENING on your chest (and sometimes back). As with Ryan, it can provide some depth and complexity to a casual errand-running ensemble. We're really feeling how he downplays the busy tribal print with a thick bordeaux grandpa cardigan and charcoal denim. A subtle chain and gold-rimmed glasses keep the look GQ and pulled together.

Biebs on the other hand, employs the printed tee in a more half-pipe-ready fashion. Justin's tee is a guaranteed head-turning with vibrant warm-weather colors, flamingo and palm tree print, and a really fresh faux-slip-stich looking effect. He grounds the crewneck with dark jeans, black wayfarers, and a bold flat brimmed snap back with a front emblem that EXACTLY matches the yellow and cerulean in his tee takes the outfit over the top. What do you guys think? Who wore a printed tee best: Ryan or Justin?

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