Rooney Mara Goes From Black To Blonde Locks!

Rooney Mara Ombre Hair

Rooney Mara on set of the film 'The Bitter Pill' and at the Vanity Fair Oscar party on Feb. 26.
Photo: Splash News/Getty Images

Holy hair transformation! Academy Award nominated actress, Vanity Fair cover girl, Givenchy fan, and all-around cinematic badass Rooney Mara is sporting some new locks. The former Dragon Tattoo goth princess has traded in her blunt black bangs and shorn bob for dusty blonde ombre extensions. Worn for her latest role in the movie The Bitter Pill, which is a thriller about a woman fearing the release of her husband from prison (also starring Channing Tatum for your nom-nom daydreaming pleasure), we're guessing Mara's character is soooo scared that she forgot to shampoo and condition.

We know it's just for a role (and a pill-popping role at that, which might explain the hasn't-been-washed-in-days matted bangs and grown-out highlights look), but still, Miss Mara continues to look radiant in the face region. We just want to suggest a deep conditioning treatment or some mashed avocado and a shower cap—something, ANYTHING, to breathe life into this situation. On another note, we think she can easily pull off being blonde. But what say you? Do you like Rooney Mara's new blonde ombre hair extensions?

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