Sneaker Wedges Are Officially Spring's 'It Shoe'

Sneaker Wedges

Affordable sneaker wedge options by (clockwise from top) ASOS, Topshop, and Urban Outfitters.
Photo: Courtesy of ASOS/Topshop/Urban Outfitters

The wedge sneaker is everywhere this season including on Beyoncé's post-preg footsies, and according to WWD they have officially eclipsed smoking slippers as the "It Shoes" of the season. Can we get a round of applause please? Not only is it amazing that a totally COMFORTABLE shoe is getting its day in the spotlight, wedge sneakers—as a concept—are also worth celebrating. Combining a hi-top sneaker with hidden height? This is genius and mostly attributed to Isabel Marant (she of the Bey sneaks) whose design riff on Nike Dunks started the whole trend. Sadly, we have to pull a sad face where these covetable sneaks are concerned because they are waaaaay out of our price range ($680 - $760 = YIKES territory). Thankfully, many of our favorite stores are offering more affordable versions.

We love Ash's Bowie Wedge Sneakers because they're the most Marant-like and come in a neutral shade of tawny brown that we can wear with everything. The ASOS ARK Leather Wedge Ankle Boots are much higher, though, and statement-worthy with their dual cream color and thin black sole. We can see these elevating your basic skinny jeans and army parka combo. The Topshop Aerobic Sport Wedge Trainers are also perfect for everyday wear and would pair well with a simple jersey maxi dress and cropped leather jacket. But if you want to go ahead and shell out some buckos while also going in the opposite direction of the Marant wedge sneaker trend, we recommend the Marc by Marc Jacobs Calf Dorada Sneaker Wedge, which is bold, colorful, and available in stores starting today.

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