JWOWW's Dog Dishes On Its Punky Dye Job

JWOWW Dogs Dye

JWOWW with her pups in Jersey City on March 23.
Photo: Splash News

Yep, you read that headline right. Jersey Shore girl JWOWW had an interesting (and furry!) featured guest on her latest blog post—one of her pups. Noel (her dog) took to the internet to discuss his latest adventure in hair dye—an all over lavender purple wash with a bright blue color to accent his paws. His sister Bella, a pretty Pomeranian, sported a girly hot pink hue on her feet and tail with a matching chest collar. He said (erm, barked?), "What started out as your average stroll, though, quickly turned into an impromptu fashion show. People began to notice how cool and sassy we looked and soon we became the talk of the town! Bella and I always strive to stay fresh to death and I think we really outdid ourselves with our latest look." I'll say! JWOWW even sported a touch of bright hair dye in her own strands to match her punky pups, and we're kiiinnnd of obsessed. We also love that she coordinated their collars with their freshly-dyed fur for all-out ferocious fash sesh. But tell us, would you ever dye your pups' 'do?

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