5 Nail Art Designs You'll Want To Rock At Coachella

Dudes, Coachella starts this weekend! For those lucky enough to be California bound, we're guessing you've probably already picked out ALL of your festival outfits, but have you thought about your beauty game? The best way to make a fashion statement amongst the crowd is with some KILLER nail art, so we picked out some totally hippie-friendly, boho-chic styles that'll be perfect for your long, ragetastic nights ahead.


Coachella Nail Art

Coachella palm tree nail art.
Photo: Via Jane Bar

In the Coachella Valley, you'll be surrounded by palm trees and mountain landscapes, so why not celebrate California's tropical weather by getting some neon palm trees painted on your tips? Jane Bar gave herself a fun, '80s-inspired neon striped mani reminiscent of a sunset—all done with Essie polishes. She silhouetted out the trees with a nail art pen and used the colors from her accent nails for the solid, alternating tips on the rest of her fingers.


Coachella Nail Art

Coachella peace sign nail art.
Photo: Via Freaky Nails

If you're a girly-girl escaping to California for a peaceful, free-spirited trip, these floral peace sign nails are so up your alley. The ladies behind Freaky Nails created this AMAZING mani that switches up the design on Every. Single. Nail. Talk about commitment! You'll probably need a friend to help recreate this look, or you know, pay someone to do it. Either way, we find this design totally inspiring.


Coachella Nail Art

Coachella dreamcatcher nail art.
Photo: Via Algae Veronica

Boho chic is to feathers as grunge is to plaid—they just go together. Try upping the ante this time with feathers attached to dreamcatchers. Is your mind blown yet? Algae Veronica is a cosmetologist that created this look, and we're OB. SESSED. The amount of detail is insane, and if we got this mani, we'd have a hard time tearing our eyes away from our fingertips 24/7.


Coachella Nail Art

Coachella tribal nail art.
Photo: Via Beautopia

Listen, we HAD to put tribal print in—it's a nail art staple at outdoor festivals. If you're tired of the ol' earthy tone trend, try switching it up with some springy hues. Beautopia created a cop-worthy look with coral, teal, and canary yellow accent colors on a clean, white base. We love that she also created a bit of a stiletto tip to add an extra amount of oomph to her look.


Coachella Nail Art

Coachella tie-dye nail art.
Photo: Via Oh Me! Oh My!

If you want to look farrrrr outtttt mannn, try a rainbow tie-dye design. You'll certainly turn heads in this bright, mistake-proof mani done by Gri over at Oh Me! Oh My!. Her key to this drippy look is dragging the colors together with a toothpick before they dry. We think this is a super rad way to brighten up any ensemble in a snap, and we're totally trying this even when we're NOT festival bound, so there!

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