A Costume Design Peek Into 'Snow White And The Huntsman'

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart in "Snow White And The Huntsman."
Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures

As summer approaches, you should be thinking of one very important element for your warm weather wardrobe: ARMOR. That's right, one of the biggest upcoming blockbusters is Snow White and the Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart as a stronger, more badassier Snow White who dons velvet, wrap-around braids, and—you guessed it—a suit of armor. So, does this mean we're all going to have to invest in chain mail? We thought a bodice of cold, hard steel might be K-Stew's only costume choice from what we've spied in the trailer so far, but thanks to MTV News (holla!) we now have an exclusive behind the scenes look at what went into the costume design for the film straight from the designer herself, Colleen Atwood. Aside from discussing Snow White's costume elements, she talks about Charlize Theron's bone-enhanced wicked queen and reveals how to sword fight in a dress.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron in "Snow White And The Huntsman."
Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures

How do you go from Snow White to action superstar? The answer is simple… leggings! "At the beginning, I started her with a legging pant underneath [her dress] because I knew she was going to have to do so much action," Atwood tells MTV. "It kind of made it more today but viable with the realm of the story." A legend in the field of costume design, Atwood has worked hand-in-hand with Tim Burton on most of his films as well as with many others, and she knows exactly how to make a character look interesting. For Snow White she picked fabrics like Greek suede which she thought looked great with Kristen's eye color as well as the armor. "There's a lot of messages in her costumes that you don't really pick up on," Atwood says about Snow White's costumes, which makes us wonder if they actually have secret messages sewn into the pockets or something (which would be rad).

For Theron's wicked queen, who looks completely insane and zhamazing, Atwood chose elements of death like feathers and small bones. She says, "You can do the film equivalent of a couture dress," in regards to the wicked queen dresses as they all took so much time to construct. We love how her headdress looks like a weapon and how the dress itself is very art deco shingles mixed with a sort of deranged Razpunzel. Her hair is also piled into braids (trend alert!) and her makeup is smudged to perfection as opposed to Kristen's unadorned alabaster face. All in all, we're thrilled to see the final products in action. As Atwood says, "I like my clothes to make people smile, to entertain them, and to inspire them."


'Snow White And The Huntsman': Behind The Costume Design

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