Raf Simons Is The New Artistic Director Of Dior

Raf Simons Dior

Raf Simons has been named the new artistic director at Dior.
Photo: Getty Images

Stop the fashion presses because the tumultuous wait is finally over! The New York Times is reporting that Dior has tapped former Jil Sander creative director Raf Simons to take the place of John Galliano at the helm of the house. Are you experiencing deja vu like we are right now? Not to worry, this is to be expected since the wait has been, oooohhhh, like a gazillion years and this whole "Who's gonna take over at Dior?" brouhaha has involved so much speculation and wishy-washiness (like that time when Marc Jacobs was thought to be the top choice or that other time when Fashionista April Fooled us into thinking it would be Kanye) that we almost gave up hope that anyone would ever be named. But this time it's for realsies, and from that photo above you can also tell that this dude is all about SERIOUS BUSINESS.

You might recall that there was already trumpet-blazing fanfare last month when it was kinda sorta hinted that Simons would take over upon announcing his departure from Jil Sander during Paris Fashion Week. Why would he leave such a major post unless to fill another one? But then it didn't happen and WWD announced that the whole deal was kaput because they "failed to reach an agreement," and we were again left out in a monochromatic fashion tundra to lament the fact that seemingly no one would EVER resurrect the whimsical runway world of Dior. But all that's about to change. Simons will be the artistic director and will debut his first collection in July during the haute couture shows (ohhh la la). Will the once opulent collections full of over-the-top fanciful gowns made famous by Galliano undergo a dramatic transformation involving restrained, structured modernity? Who knows, but we'll be holding our breath until July.

{via New York Times}