Demi Lovato Is A Natural Beauty Without Makeup

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato tweets a picture without makeup.
Photo: Courtesy of @ddlovato's Twitter

If Demi Lovato weren't so dadgum relatable and sweet and talented and [insert slew of positive modifiers that extends to the horizon], we would be overwhelmed with jealousy over this girl's FLAWLESS natural beauty game. The "Give Your Heart A Break" singer tweeted this makeup-free snap of herself late Friday night (or early Saturday morning depending on your outlook) with the caption, "No makeup! Goodnight. xox" AWWWWW, is this what Demi looks like when she's getting ready for bed?? *heart explodes*

Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen Demi work the no makeup look. Remember when she went fresh-faced for Glamour? Since it was for a magazine, there were undoubtedly some Photoshop and lighting tricks employed, if even slightly, but this Twitpic is the real deal. Demi looks squeaky clean and scrubbed with rosy cheeks and flushed pink lips like you can only get right after you've brushed your teeth. Her eyebrows aren't filled in but still perfectly arched, and we love the hair thrown back in a little messy bun. What do you guys think of Demi's no makeup look?

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