Penn Badgley, Let's Talk About That Hair

Penn Badgley Hair

Penn Badgley at the Virgin America launch party on April 4.
Photo: Getty Images

Remember last fall when we wrote about how our Gossip Girl fave Penn Badgley had THE best curly locks? He sported soft tendrils that had the perfect amount of bounce and sass and all-things amazing. But last week when we spotted our ol' Penn at a Virgin America launch party, we literally gasped out loud. Wha... wha happened to his hair? It looked like he had just gotten out of the shower, yet it was dry. His gorgeous curls had been flattened, combed, and—gulp—parted in the center. I mean, listen, we know that the whole '90s grunge thing is in full force right now, but is this unkempt 'do taking it to the next level?

We still heart Penn dearly, but we have just a wee bit of BFF-to-BFF advice to transform our famous friend's 'do from bad to rad: 1.) Cut those locks! His hair looks best when it's voluminous and carefree, so he should shave the sides super short and keep it longer on top. 2.) Center parts don't look on 90% of the population. Parting your hair in the middle is so boho chic, but let's be honest—that style is NOT flattering on most peeps. Soft side parts are the way to go, especially when you're blessed with a jawline as chiseled as Penn's. Otherwise, it's just too harsh! 3.) Don't brush your hair. We know this sounds kind of opposite of everything you should do, but seriously if you have gorge curls, why get rid of them? Embrace them with (a little!) pomade and call it a day. We are obsessed with Penn's keen sense of style and handsome looks, but a little extra love to his locks could go a long way, don't you think?

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