Florence Welch Talks Fashion Inspiration, Working With Karl Lagerfeld, And More In Exclusive Interview

Karl Lagerfeld Florence Welch Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld and Florence Welch at the Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week on Oct. 4.
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To be honest I was a little apprehensive about meeting Florence Welch . There's a certain gravitas about her music because it makes me feel actual, live emotions which is suboptimal because it makes my cheeks get all flushed and pins and needles-ish. I thought when I interviewed her she'd speak in song and it would come out of her head all misty and mythological and in cursive strings of English moss because if there's anyone who's a human unicorn besides Bjork, it would be her.

If you've been keeping up with the fash-news, you'll know that Karl Lagerfeld is obsessed with her and when he's not putting his pointy Dior-Homme-shod foot directly in his non-food-eating mouth for insensitive quips about outrageously talented zaftig singers who love a smokey eye, the kaiser is a fairly reliable litmus test for who is spectacular (also see: Azealia Banks). Florence even performed at his underwater-themed Spring 2012 Paris Fashion Week for Chanel, emerging from a clam shell like Botticelli's Venus.

The rad thing about Florence is that she's hilarious. You'd suspected she might have an awesome sense of humor because she covers some truly unorthodox music brilliantly (ie: Drizzy songs) but that same sense of whimsy and charm carries to her attitude about fashion. In this interview she discusses how Karl is surprisingly tactile and easy to hug (WHUT?) and what was going through her mind during the surreal time span in which she had to wait for her cue to perform from a shell in the Grand Palais at 9 in the morning in Paris. She's tickled by the fine line between what constitutes a ladies' suit and what are just printed dude's pajamas and she loves herself a Ralph Lauren smoking slipper. All in all, she was super fun to chat with and we're stoked that on Sunday, April 8, we'll get to see a Florence and the Machine "Unplugged" performance at 11 p.m. ET on MTV and Unplugged.MTV.com. She rules. IRL, on-camera, Unplugged, basically all the time and everywhere. Check out a sneak peek of her performance as well. Do eeet.

MTV Style | Florence Welch talks fashion inspiration

Unplugged: Florence + The Machine

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