Kelly Osbourne, Kat Graham, Rye Rye, And Adam Lambert Change Looks At NewNowNext Awards

The NewNowNext Awards are all about the next big trends in entertainment from "Next Must-See Movie" to the next mega-star. You can call them the AlmostPerhapsProbably of awards shows, and you know what? They're pretty much always on zee money for who's about to break out BIG. Case in point, their illustrious roster of nominees, performers, and winners this year that included everyone from Next Mega-Star winner Josh Hutcherson to Beyond Style Award winner and host of the evening, Kelly Osbourne, who went through a total of SEVEN outfit changes. And she wasn't the only one changing it up all super funz-style from red carpet to stage to after-party, Kat Graham, Rye Rye, and Adam Lambert put on their own personal fashion shows, too. We're talking everything from neon prints and sparkle motion to lightning bolt statements and some serious man-leather.


Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne changes outfits at the 2012 NewNowNext Awards.
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Out of all of Miss Osbourne's costume changes—accentuated by that now-trademark gray hair which is looking very seasonable-shade-of-lavender these days—we most enjoyed the short dresses. Out on the red carpet, she wore a silver lamé hourglass cocktail number with cap sleeves, a modest v-neck, cinched waist, and all-over blast of iridescence that mirrors her hair and works with a pair of retro black peep-toe platforms. Our favorite dress of the evening would have to be Jeremy Scott's lightning bolt dress. SHAZAM right?! Not only does this superhero sheath come equipped with a matching yellow cape should you need to fly away on a moment's notice, it's full of graphic power. KAPOW to the color-block heeled sandals, too. The parade of kicky spring insouciance didn't stop here, though. Miss O came out on stage in the cutest and bounciest gingham dress we've ever seen that hinted at both an Easter parade and a picnic at the local county fair. A tough look to pull off without looking too country Western Harajuku Lolita lovah, Kelly O managed to make it both sweet and playful. *rapid-fire hand claps*


Kat Graham

Kat Graham changes outfits at the 2012 NewNowNext Awards.
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Hi, Kat Graham. Don't think we didn't see you looking all top-knot KILLAH in those dual outfits from The Blonds. Gurl, you knew we were gonna pick you out from the red carpet crowd the second you slipped into that gray and white explosion of printed metallic shard craymazingness right? We had a hunch you'd be opting for The Blonds exclusively since they outfitted you to perfection on the "Put Your Graffiti On Me" cover, and we felt it in our fash-bones that you'd go for bold by not only pulling focus to those serious gams in that sparkly orange tube dress, but also by fixing us in that strong-browed gaze of utter confidence. Lessons learned from these two looks: 1) top-knotted pony tails pair perfectly with fitted dresses, 2) when going with neutral makeup, always accentuate your eyes, 3) there's no need to thrust your arm atop your hip all posey-pose style when keeping your arms still is much stronger, and 4) statement heels always make a simple dress sans jewelry look interesting. Thank you, Kat Graham, for schooling us with your awesomeness.


Rye Rye

Rye Rye changes outfits at the 2012 NewNowNext Awards.
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OK, we're seriously loving Rye Rye right now. Not only do we find ourselves singing "Boom Boom Boom" at random while visualizing ourselves in a Q*bert-style video game, we also can't help but get all cheery when she gets dressed up. You guys, let Rye Rye forever be a shining example that bright colors and a terrific smile RULE on the red carpet. She wore a white printed silk dress adorned with various images and Indian motifs and accessorized with dangly earrings, bright lips, black heels, and yellow tips n' toesies. Speaking of which, check out this nail game…

Rye Rye

Rye Rye shows off her nails for the 2012 NewNowNext Awards.
Photo: Rye Rye's Instagram

INSANITY. We're all about her neon print Brian Lichtenberg bodysuit, too, which she wore with a lime green arm cuff, gigantic pink hoops, and colorful sneaks. Everything about Rye Rye is fun, and what's more, she always seems to be having fun which makes embracing her style even easier. *deep bow*


Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert changes outfits at the 2012 NewNowNext Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

Sigh. Glambert. There's really nothing to say here other than yep, uh-huh, perf, yum-town, and glory glory hallelujah because, as you can see, Adam Lambert is killing it yet again with his goth glam majesty. On the red carpet, he stuck to well-tailored noir-ish basics with a tux jacket over black pants, a trailing shirt, and black boots. Also in attendance? Black nail polish, rings galore, and a sort of amulet necklace that we need to own. For his performance, he changed into a different black suit jacket lined in sparkles along the lapel and sleeves paired with super-snug LEATHAHHHHH pants. Fainting couch please!

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