Should Minnie Mouse Have An OPI Nail Collection?

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse has her own OPI nail collection.
Photo: Getty Images

From Azealia Banks's "212" Mickey sweater and cut-offs to Ashley Tisdale and Kreashawn fashion battling with Minnie ears, it's becoming undeniably clear that the House of Mouse is a major trend that will only continue to grow. First emerging on ready-to-wear garments, the better half of Disney's premier couple is now branching out into the beauty world. That's right ladies, Minnie Mouse now has her own nail polish line with OPI!

With names like "Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It" for a light pink confetti and "I'm All Ears" for a shimmery magenta, the OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse collection capitalizes on the rising ubiquity of The Mouse AND nail art while also providing a covetable limited edition set of adorably feminine summer shades. There's not a whole lot about this that we can argue with since we, too, are totally smitten with Mickey and Minnie and definitely get the business of it all, buuuuuttttt... *cue the sad trombone* why exactly is Minnie the face of a nail collection when girl ALWAYS wears gloves??

Sorry for taking a vacuum to all the nostalgic Disney glitter magic, but come on now. This is a bit like if Donald Duck were to sign an endorsement deal with Dockers. It's soooo *eyeroll* and "we know that duck never wears pants!" It'd be one thing if Minnie was rocking those Dominic Jones leather gloves with the attached manicure, but that's not Minnie's style. She keeps her mitts cloaked in pristine white wrist-length gloves every single day.

But does it even matter? It's not like Minnie is actually modelling the collection, she's just a vehicle, a theme for a new set of colors. OPI attributes collections to inanimate objects and larger entities (like the "New York City Ballet" and "Texas") all the time, is this that different? What do you think? Should Minnie Mouse have an OPI nail collection?

{via Seventeen}

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