Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet, Lena Dunham, And Jemima Kirke Get Girly For 'Girls'

Girls Premiere

Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet, Lena Dunham, and Jemima Kirke at the 'Girls' premiere in New York on April 4.
Photo: Getty Images

You might have heard about a new TV show called Girls which is set to premiere on April 15 on HBO. You might already know that it's produced by boy comedy king Judd Apatow and that it's being hailed as the next Sex and the City since it's about a young female writer in New York and her three friends. Well, I'm here to clear some things UP. This is no SATC, this is straight-up living-in-NYC-REALITY (sans super expensive shoes and froofy-colored sweet drinks) and, I might add, it takes place in Brooklyn (reprazent). Also? It's incredibly funny, unflinching in its very true to life-ness, and a total must-see, so mark yo' calendars. Created, written, and directed by indie film wunderkind, Lena Dunham whose breakout film Tiny Furniture won the SXSW film fest back in 2010 (which you should totally see), Girls also stars Allison Williams (daughter of newsman Brian Williams), Furniture alum Jemima Kirke, and Mad Men scene-stealer Zosia Mamet who, ironically, plays a Manhattan girl who is totally obsessed with Sex and the City (meta-munch, nom nom nom). The gals gathered in NYC last night to fete their new show and wore the girliest of girly dresses and, frankly, we're super excited about it all.

Miss Williams paired her over-the-shoulder cascading waves with a white, strapless Donna Karan dress accented in a floppy black bow. We love how chic and elegant she looks while also feeling relaxed and approachable with that super friendly smile. Mamet also sported a beautiful brunette blow-out with slight waves draped over the shoulders of her cobalt blue dress. This is the kind of dress that works for many occasions—from office-wear to cocktail parties—and we like that she paired it with silver peep-toes. Dunham wore a black strapless ball gown with a fitted bodice and silver sparkles all along the waist. Not gonna lie, this is pretty much my goth dream prom dress right here, and it gets bonus points for the braided updo, pink lipgloss, meandering arm tattoos, and killer stiletto plats. Kirke was all about vintage glamour. It must be noted that her mother owns Geminola, one of the best vintage dress shops in the city, so it's no surprise that she's decked out in a green velvet deco delight of a dress with white filigree earrings and retro black heels. We luhhhh the natural hair, makeup, and—most of all—the confidence she exudes. We're down with the confidence they all exude and can't wait to make this show our newest (Cosmo-free) TV obsession.

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