These Are A Few Of Lissy Trullie's Favorite Things

Lissy Trullie

Lissy Trullie.
Photo: Collier Schorr/All other images courtesy of Lissy Trullie


In the reigning downtown New York style goddess department, there's really no competition when it comes to my girl, Lissy Trullie. Fashion-y freaks have been obsessed with the former model/janitor since the 2009 release of her guitar-riff heavy, mega booty kicking EP, Self-Taught Learner. (Psssst...Teach us how to rock your killer pixie cut, girl. Seriously.)

The Olsens-circa-NYU-days used to frequent the Beatrice Inn and that's where I first turned straight (jkjk!) for Trullie (and her TO-DIE- FOR bowler hat). She was being all kinds of punk perfection perched behind the DJ booth blasting rock n' roll and hardcore rap jams for the sweating, bouncing, vodka-spilling hipsters in shredded-skinnies below. Gahhh, yes, the collegiate glory days when overpriced vodka sodas (thx Mom!) and cigarette smoke replaced steam facials as my after-dark religion. I've since retired my "Save Beatrice" shirt, but Trullie isn’t just the typical it-girl-who-lives-for-nightlife type; she’s a hair-whipping/losing her mind rock n’ roll machine onstage! In other words: go and get your iTunes on because her full-length self-titled debut album finally arrives next Tuesday!

In the meantime, check out her Drive-meets-Excess Baggage (OMG) music video for “It’s Only You, Isn't It?” featuring a lil surprise cameo from her BFF Chloe Sevs and since this is the first installment of MTV Style’s "FAVORITE THINGSSSS..." *Oprah Voice* column, check it out and let us know what you think.


Lissy Trullie


Favorite statement piece: My copper studded shirt by Phillip Lim.


Lissy Trullie


Lissy Trullie


Favorite shoes: An old pair of white sneakers I've had since high school -- they don't have a brand name on them but they look something like a pair of '60s KEDS.

And a new pair of Proenza Schouler boots which I received as a gift this year.


Lissy Trullie


Favorite perfume: Comme Des Garçons: Kyoto (from the Incense series)

Favorite recent eBay purchase: Vintage YSL high-waisted tux trousers and a black "Murder, She Wrote" promotional T-shirt from 1986.

Favorite karaoke song: Bruce Springsteen "I'm On Fire" or Billy Idol "Eyes Without A Face".


Lissy Trullie


Favorite concert T-shirt: Slant 6 (original 90's concert t-shirt)

Favorite fast food chain: Hmmmm.... Maybe IN-N-OUT Burger? I don't eat fast food that often.

Favorite nail polish: I usually don't wear any because I ruin it so easily but I like Chanel Coromandel.


Lissy Trullie


Favorite magazine: The FACE! I wish they would bring it back!

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