Katy Perry's 'Part Of Me' Trailer: 50 Outfits In 2 Minutes

Katy Perry Part of Me trailer

Katy Perry in the 'Katy Perry: Part of Me' trailer.
Photo: Courtesy of Paramount

Katy Perry released her Katy Perry: Part Of Me concert movie trailer today, and dudes, we need to TALK. Not only were we like, "OMG, KP WILL BE IN 3D!" when we watched it, but we also couldn't help but notice the ridic amount of outfit changes in this two-minute clip. Like, tons. We were so blown away, in fact, we had to count and find out just how many ensembles she was sporting. After multiple, MULTIPLE watches (we know the entire trailer by heart now, NBD) we counted over 50 outfits. Yeah, 5-0. Crazy! We spot Katy in everything from her candy-coated California Dreams tour performance outfits to her nitty gritty sweats during rehearsals. But you have to remember that with all the outfit changes ALSO comes new hair, so we decided to count and see just how many hairstyles she had throughout the clip. Can you guess how many times she switched up those locks?

Hair color alone she changed five times (pink, lavender, blue, blonde, and black) and her hairstyle switched up at LEAST 10 times. We spotted the Bettie Page bangs and long waves 'do, the sleek high bun, the bob with bangs, the super sleek side-parted bob without bangs, the center-parted layered bob, the straight-back messy bun, the slicked back ponytail with a headband, the blue bouffant French twist, the '40s pin curls, the medium layered pink 'do, and the crimped bob. WHEW. That's a lot considering, um, all we know how to do is wear our hair, like, three different ways. Anywho, we gotta give it up for Katy and her style game, and we can't wait until this bad boy hits theaters July 4th so we can see all these outfits in 3D. Check out the trailer below and see if you can keep count of all her ensemble changes. Warning: it's hard!


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