Deer Dana Tees Feature Justin Bieber And Kanye West

Deer Dana Justin Bieber Kanye West Tees

Justin Bieber and Kanye West tees from Deer Dana's collection.
Photo: Courtesy of Deer Dana

We're obsessed with a lot of things here at MTV Style, but holy moly do we have an intense metaphysical ache for Deer Dana t-shirts. Designed by Dana Veraldi and Kevin Tekinel and sold at Opening Ceremony, Deer Dana tees feature hand-drawn faces of pop culture figures—we're talking everyone from a pharaoh Kanye West to Justin Bieber rendered as Apollo, Greek God of music, poetry, and sunshine (which he is, duh)—and we've gotta say, each and every one of 'em is awesome. Did we mention they do tote bags, too? *hyperventilating*

In day-to-day life, Dana Veraldi acts as the online editor of Theyskens' Theory (that's some serious pedigree) and Kevin Tekinel works as an art director (holla). The two BFFs and creative partners have chosen a wide variety of recognizable faces to help you front your fandom proper-style, too. There's a pink-lipped Nicki Minaj with ombre hair and a super serious bespectacled Rick Ross. But the tattooed and sleepy-faced Lil Wayne tee? That's some fashion gold right there. They even have 90s supermodel tees (hi, Cindy and Naomi) which are exclusive to Opening Ceremony. The Deer Dana website features Q&A's with customers explaining why they chose a particular t-shirt, too, which is helpful because there are so many we want, it's difficult to choose! Buuut in addition to Justin and Yeezy, we think we're good to go and ready to discuss why we had to go with Nicola Formichetti Panda and Cowboy Karl. #BANANAS

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