Nicki Minaj Wears Furry Pink Bear Hoodie

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj wears furry pink bear hoodie.
Photo: Splash News

ACK! Nicki Minaj, look out! You're about to be eaten by a giant hot pink-- OHHHHH, nevermind. That's just your jacket. Forgive us for the brief "You in danger, girl" moment. *sits back slowing in rolling office chair* But you alllllmost really scared us with this coat. The fluorescent Barbie pink is a kind of hallmark for you and one aspect of the ensemble we could have (maybe) predicted - girl is promoting her new album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. I guess we should know by now that you're prone to show up in garments both furry and fluffy, but I really think this one takes the cake. I mean, this takes the cosplay-ish appeal of SpiritHoods to new heights with the full hairy arms, big padded ears, and (!!!) googley eyes that make it look like a Muppet is creeping behind to EAT YOU ALIVE. What do you guys think of Nicki's furry hoodie?

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