The Wanted Dudes Really Love Underwear

The Wanted’s Siva Kaneswaren and Max George perform with bras on their heads.
Photo: Splash News

Don’t let the headline fool you. We, too, enjoy and are so grateful for the various joys and benefits of under garments. But the dudes of The Wanted reach a level of reverence that’s a little, umm, unconventional. At a recent performance of their hit “Glad You Came” in Canada, two fans threw their lady lump holsters up on stage (as you do), and English gentlemen that they are, Siva Kaneswaren and Max George obliged the screaming ladybabies and wore them on their heads. So one fleeting brush with under garments does not constitute for a headline-making LOVE of underwear, but Siva and Max are not the only Wanted boys with a thing for drawers.

The Wanted’s Tom Parker flashes his underwear to fans.
Photo: Splash News

On the very same day, the group hit up Z103.5 Radio Station in Toronto. While fans waited outside the full-length windows, Tom Parker gave them a little taste of his underoos. Tom pulled down his caramel chinos and flashed the fans with a bit of boy band bum – clad in graphic printed knickers emblazoned with monkey faces. Far be it from us to point an accusing finger at someone for being a touch excessive, especially when their love is for something so fundamental and universally appreciated. We’re only human, and boys + underpants = very very funny, OKAY?!?? *attempts to control hyperventilating*

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