Rihanna Wears Pajamas To 'Battleship' Premiere


Rihanna wears a Fall 2012 Emilio Pucci look to the "Battleship" Japan premiere.
Photo: Getty Images

It's no secret that Rihanna is one of the hardest working pop stars in the biz. Just look at the girl's 2011 stats: Best Selling Digital Artist Ever, Most-Viewed Female Artist on YouTube, etc. Girl and her team are a bona fide hit machine, AND she's crossing over to the silver screen with Tim Riggins nomnomnom Taylor Kitsch and Battleship? It's enough to double over a mere mortal from the breakneck velocity of accomplishment. We know the girl rarely takes a vacation and is somehow able to maintain that heart-stopping gorgeousness day to day, but maybe, just maybe, the fatigue of the hustle is finally catching up to her. We say that because, erm, are those pajamas Ri is wearing on the red carpet?? *slooooow squinting side eye*

Now, pump the brakes on the Rihanna Navy judgement aircraft carrier. We are well aware that Rihanna is a Barbadian goddess for whose glowing visage we should be thanking the Flying Spaghetti Monster. We just also are aware that, real talk, she could've done this outfit better. Come on, now, this is the girl who can make a turtleneck look fly! What is she doing letting her flawless physique drown in this azure chinoiserie set?

It's not even totally the Emilio Pucci pajama-esque ensemble's fault. On the runway, it looks more avant garde than snooze button, but why? We'd guess one variable is the waist tie, which in Pucci's Fall 2012 Fashion Week presentation is quite broad, pulling together more of an hourglass shape. Rihanna's Battleship cincher is a bit haphazardly skinny, and consequently, it leaves the outfit looking to be very ill-fitted and too all-over baggy. We also would have liked to see Ri wear the outfit with a more noticeable shoe like these black strappy runway sandals that would appropriately bookend her newly black hair. In the same breath, as badass and totally behind Rihanna's new Skrillex hair as we are, a more deliberate hairstyle could have saved this look from appearing so boudoir-ish. What do you guys think of Rihanna's pajama ensemble?

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