Audrina Patridge Gets A Makeunder!

Audrina Patridge Makeunder

Audrina Patridge before and after her makeunder.
Photo: Getty Images/XOJane

Holy makeunders! *squints, rubs eyes* Is that really ex-Hillsie Audrina Patridge in that heathered zip-up American Apparel hoodie? Hair crimpy and undone, nude lips, and nary a false eyelash in sight? Yes, Stylettes, underneath the brow highlighter, bronzer, and setting spray lies a living breathing REAL GIRL, and we owe it to the folks at XOJane, namely stylist Cat Marnell for this deliciously refreshing transformation.

Not to say that Audrina isn't already superhuman levels of beautiful when rocking her own personal steez, but we really love seeing homegirl stripped down to little more than skin enhancer and some artfully applied lip pencil. Cat outlines the full rundown of Audrina's makeunder in gripping follow-along detail, even revealing how they cut down A's regular beauty regime from a whopping 3 hours to the makeunder's 13 minutes. What do you guys think of Audrina's makeunder?

{via XOJane}

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