Dakota Fanning And Elle Fanning Are In An International Magazine Face-Off!

dakota fanning wonderland elle fanning self service magazine

Dakota Fanning on the cover of "Wonderland" magazine and Elle Fanning in "Self-Service" magazine
Photo: Cedric Buchet/"Wonderland" magazine; Venetia Scott/"Self-Service" magazine

The Fabulous Fanning Fashion Sisters™ are at it again! You might recall the fashion face-off heard 'round zee fashion world earlier this year when acting wunderkind siblings, Dakota and Elle Fanning, were featured on competing February fashion titles. Well, the phenomenon has happened yet again, as Dakota graces this month's My Fair Lady-esque Wonderland magazine cover while Elle is featured in a sun-kissed California shoot for Self-Service magazine. Our question is: Who triumphs in this international magazine fashion face-off?

We're seriously digging Dakota's Eliza Doolittle look for Wonderland. Not only are her gigantic peepers even more ginormous than usual, ours are too now that we've spied that dead mouse crawling out of her straw cap. And speaking of straw hats, this one is awesome, especially with the addition of monochromatic pom-pom balls. Also, how cute is her curly hair and white blouse with black piping? This is a SOLID look, y'all, and one that we like for spring. (Seriously, we wanna wear this jaunty cap to every summer wedding.)

Elle, on the other hand, looks adorbs, as usual, in a palm tree-printed delight of a summer dress with Swiss-Miss braids and, well, the sweetest smile on the planet. We can totally imagine this midcentury Southern Cali paradise she's taking a lemonade break from, and it makes us want to catapult ourselves into summer, stat. The thing is, we don't mean to keep pitting these two lovely siblings against each other, it's just that we can't help but cover their every move (like hair changes: pink ombre for one and ginger red for the other). Also, there's nothing these gals seemingly can't do when it comes to impressing us with their fashion game. Thus, we leave it to you. In this international fashion magazine face-off, who is the winner?

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