Madonna's Truth Or Dare Perfume Commercial Causes Controversy


Madonna introduces Avicii at Ultra Music Festival on March 24, 2012 in Miami, Florida.
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WHOA. According to the New York Post, the Queen of Pop, aka Madonna, was asked to tone down the new ad for her Truth or Dare by Madonna perfume, as it was deemed too racy for ABC network television. Clocking in at 30 seconds, the ad features Madge rolling around in black lingerie while the refrain "I know I shouldn't act this way/I know good girls don't misbehave/But I'm a bad girl," is repeated in the background juxtaposed with shots of the white and gold perfume bottle. Aside from licking her mega-rouged lips and briefly fondling the same cleavage and bum dimplage we've ALL seen again and again for decades, there's really, um, nothing to see here, folks. Thus, our question is this: What's the big deal, ABC?

From what we already know about Madonna's perfume from our own extensive smell tests, the scent itself is less "narcotic flower" and more haute Boca Raton grandma. We wonder if the ABC execs perhaps have a prob not with the teensy weensy bit o' black-clad cleavage and bootage, but the fact that the body areas in question happen to be affixed to a woman of a certain age. This look and feel is so trademark Madonna and hearkens her 1991 Truth or Dare documentary, so, you know, we've seen it all before. Also, this is TAME compared to those Victoria Secret "Angels" commercials that were jamming our female-empowered psyches (and googly-eyed BF's eye sockets) with their played-every-break television assault of Gloria Steinem-slaying ridiculousness.

Apparently, ABC wanted to cut any and every bit of writhing around and only allow the commercial to run after 9 p.m. during shows like "GCB" and "Scandal" or during "The View," which is one of the most ludicrously hypocritical things we've ever heard of. I mean, who do they think they're saving from the shock of these SEEN A THOUSAND TIMES, TOTALLY INNOCUOUS MADONNA IMAGES? It's just perfume, people! It's not burning crosses (which, you know, Madge already did.) It may bring to mind the fact that if you adhere to a macrobiotic diet and work out two hours a day, you too can look sensational in lingerie well into your fifties, but beyond that, we don't see what's so offensive about this. But what say you? Do you think Madonna's Truth or Dare by Madonna perfume ad is too racy for prime-time television?

{via New York Post }

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