Nicki Minaj Performs "Starships" In Rainbow Brights On 'American Idol'


Nicki Minaj performing 'Starships' on 'American Idol' in Hollywood.
Photo: Getty Images

Emerging from a giant pink space ship, Nicki Minaj descended onto the American Idol stage last night to perform her upcoming single "Starships" in cascading blonde curls, starfish earrings, and a rainbow bright mullet skirt. Conjuring an image of both an undersea confection and the actual Rainbow Brite cartoon character from the '80s. It was a mish-mash of themes that seemed to reference both space travel and a maniacal beach rave. Even though Nicki M's video has yet to make landfall (heh), we do know that it will include neon hair and a pink bikini thanks to numerous paparazzi shots of her writhing around the beaches of Hawaii.

As you know, Miss Minaj is all about mixing references and styles. She's one of the only pop stars who easily transition from a monastic Little Red Riding Hood to a dead Smurf to a popcorn candy raver with nary a head scratch from the adoring public. This is actually what we LOVE about her too (and the fact that she always seems so upbeat and sweet). On Idol, Minaj bopped around the stage in giant starfish earrings, a suuuuuper low-cut rainbow sea kelp bikini top with matching mullet skirt adorned in giant barnacle sequins. She tipped it all out in nude sandal heels that looked like delicate ropes winding up her ankles. As she shimmied and bounced all over the stage with a flurry of seashell-topped dancers flipping around in the background, we wondered if this interplanetary mermaid princess was about to bust free (LITERALLY) from the rainbow kelp holding her (bazoombage) back. It seems Nicki herself was worried about that, too…

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