Would You Wear Clear Lens Sunglasses?

Clear lens sunglasses by Joia.
Photo: Courtesy of Tobi

We know you're scratching your head right now because we are, too. How can these clearly CLEAR glasses be called SUNglasses, right? The fact is, Joia Clear as Day Sunglasses are, indeed, sunglasses and beyond that they're also totally cute. We don't know how much sun these brightly colored Where's Waldo frames help shield your precious pupil vision from harmful UV rays, but according to the verbiage on the Tobi shopping site, these are bona fide "UV protected lenses." But hoooowww do they do it?? We have no clue, but does it matter when these imported sunnies are available for only $8 a pair? Also, they come in an array of spring-friendly hues—from mint green and sky blue to a light shade of peach renamed "latte"—and are too much of a steal not to try. What do you think? Would you try clear lens sunglasses or are they completely ridiculous?

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