James Franco Dresses As Riff Raff For 'Spring Breakers'

James Franco as Riff Raff for "Spring Breakers."
Photo: Courtesy of @SelenaGomez's Instagram and Riff Raff's MySpace

Remember how yesterday we were all shocked by James Franco's new K-Fed-channelling look on the set of Spring Breakers? Well, according to Fuse, there is a real human origin story to this jaw-dropping style transformation, and it, unfortunately, doesn't involve Kevin Federline. J-Franc's new look is actually HEAVILY based on the unmistakable personal style of notorious From G's To Gents technicolor contestant Riff Raff. *MIND EXPLODES* Yup, that's right. Long story short, Riff Raff was supposed to appear in the film alongside Gucci Mane and Franco was slated for another role entirely, BUT due to some scheduling conflicts, Riff wasn't able to make Harmony Korine's shooting days, so James was re-cast as the unshakable would-be Gent.

Forgive us, dear Riff Raff, our beloved Texas Tornado, for not recognizing right away that Franco was channelling all your one-off Monopoly Reebok glory. But real talk, if you're going to costume someone as Riff Raff, you NEED to perfect the grooming. It's no wonder we mistook James for K-Fed because their white boy cornrow game is just more akin. We would have loved to see Franco with your iconic zigzags, with bits of neon woven into the braids. And let's not forget that facial hair. It's not an easy task to grow in enough even scruff to shape and fade into one of Riff Raff's signature winding chin straps, but a little fancy makeup work might've gotten him closer. Don't get us wrong, we still think James looks eye-buggingly INCREDIBLE in this wardrobe, and agree that Riff Raff is kiiiiinda inimitable. We're just sticklers and a little sadface that Riff Raff won't actually be in the film.


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