Beyonce Carries Blue Ivy In Fur Baby Sling


Beyoncé carries Blue Ivy in furry sling in New York City.
Photo: Getty Images

Since we first saw Beyoncé's baby bump heard 'round the world, we just KNEW the little bun in her oven was destined for treasure troves of fabulous baby fashions. Now that Blue Ivy has actually graced the world with her presence (and her Tumblr account), she's proving us right AND THEN SOME. Princess Carter can't even walk yet, but she's already turning heads with her street style; first, with those Marc Jacobs mouse slippers, and now with this LOUCHE gray fur sling.

Mommy Bey wore a pair of vintage wash skinnies, round lens glasses that mimicked her big hoop earrings, and matched her chunky gray cardigan with this luxurious swaddling for her pride and joy. (Also, HAI, canary yellow pumps! #WANT) We're going to assume Baby Blue's furry number is faux, considering infants + clothing = spit-up everywhere.

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