Happy 26th Birthday, Lady Gaga! We're Throwing You A Dream Quinceanera!

Happy 26th Birthday Lady Gaga

Happy 26th Birthday, Lady Gaga!
Photo: Getty Images, Gif: Lauren Reid

Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga! We bestow you with a 26 paw salute to celebrate your special day and applaud an astoundingly stylish journey into your latter 20s. It's been an unforgettable year of everything from Armani zombies and cinnamon bun hair to pantlessness and the debut of your male alter ego, Jo Calderone. We didn't quite know what to get you, other than our lifelong Little Monster pledge of allegiance (and continued support of the Born This Way Foundation), but we popped on over to your Twitter page and noticed that you've already decided how you're going to celebrate...

Ay, mami (monster), a quinceañera birthday party, you say?! We can help with that! In our dream Gagaeañera world, we see you wearing a most triumphant dress à la that voluminous Chanel wonderment you wore to the opening of Gaga's Workshop. And in typical quinceañera fashion, you should top it with a tiara to remind you of your family and that you'll always be the world's princess. There should be a band, so we'd hire your three amigos Nicola Formichetti, Karl Lagerfeld, and Jean Paul Gaultier to serenade you near a gigantic cake (made by Chef Art Smith, of course). And, lastly, because we love you (though this is more bday fiesta than quinceañera), there would be a pony piñata filled with MAC lipstick, gummi bears, unbreakable teacups, and never-ending white roses that symbolize unity and a pureness of love. *Champagne clink* to you, fine Lady. May you enjoy another unprecedented year!

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