Trending: Chloe Moretz, Sky Ferreira, And Emmy Rossum In '90s Chokers

chloe moretz sky ferreira emmy rossum choker necklaces

Chloë Moretz at the Metropolitan Opera, Sky Ferreira at Terry Richardson's studio, and Emmy Rossum at the Metropolitan Opera.
Photo: Getty Images; Terry's Diary

We've been noticing a neck trend; in fact, to pinpoint it, we spotted a black tat necklace on Sky Ferreira recently and collectively discussed the reemergence of that '90s touchstone, the choker. Some of you might recall the choker necklace's appeal during the Melrose Place years throughout the '90s, but the trend was also a fave in 18th century France when Marie Antoinette wore all manner of close-fitting, frilly choker adornments to draw attention to her décolletage. But with Chloë Moretz and Emmy Rossum both wearing them to the Metropolitan Opera, we're starting to wonder if this is actually trending for realsies.

Both Moretz and Rossum are wearing the typical black, thick-banded choker, which is suitable for evening wear. We like the simplicity of accessorizing in this way because it takes your eye to the face and keeps the whole ensemble simple. Also, we don't know about you, but we sometimes tire of the fancy sparkle bling that stylists are so keen to throw all willy-nilly over a perfectly fine neckline. When paired with strapless gowns, we think the choker is ripe for a comeback.

BUT we're somewhat divided where Miss Ferreira is concerned (not that we don't luhhhh her, it's just a style thang). The '90s tat choker was a serious trend that was typically worn with everything from jeans, flannels, and tees to babydoll dresses. As you can see, Sky Ferreira is sporting a hard-core '90s outfit, but the choker seems somewhat out of place. This could be a totally macabre observation, but it feels more in line with the off-with-her-head Marie Antoinette, right? Like, your eye goes straight to this thin line that is somewhat prominent when juxtaposed with that V-neck. Buuuuut it could just be us. What say you? Are you into neck chokers?

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