Iggy Azalea Shows Off Ridic Swimsuit Bod In 'Complex'

Iggy Azalea Complex

Iggy Azalea in the April/May 2012 issue of "Complex."
Photo: Brooke Nipar/"Complex"

It's hard to forget Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. One glance at her waist-long blonde hair, bold red lips and fierce cat-eye, and her badass vixen look will forever be ingrained in your memory. For Complex's 10th anniversary issue (featuring the amazeball duel covers with Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber), Iggy opened up about her super sexualized style (see: her "My World" music video), all while showing off her stellar bod in some RIDIC swimsuits. In her first look, she sports a plunging (like, past the belly button plunging) gold Ashley Paige one-piece with super high-cut sides paired with a Luv Aj gold chain necklace. If you can tear your eyes away from everything that's happening here, you'll notice her matching gold eye shadow, thick liquid liner, and bold red matte lips. She pulled her hair back into her signature high ponytail and let her curves do all the talking. You'd think guys would be lining up to get Iggy's number, but she says, "I don’t have people asking for my number every day or even every week. I often meet people in working environments where it's professional." Welp, I think this means there's officially no hope for the rest of us.

In her second look, Iggy rocks another one-piece by Betsey Johnson with a skeleton print plastered on the front. She paired it with bright red sunnies and a matching crimson pout. We like how she makes a beach-ready ensemble look SO incredibly badass, and we're definitely taking some style notes for summer. Here, she kept her hair long and down to add bit of softness to her edgy outfit. Whenever we spot Iggy, she's always dressed to the nines, but how does she dress when she's off duty? "At home, I want to feel beautiful—not like I'm dominating someone. If I come home dressed like I am in my videos, that would be weird." Awww, she IS just like us. To see more looks from her shoot, head over to Complex.com!

{via Complex}