Katy Perry's Nail Artist Designs Line For Minx

Katy Perry Kimmie Kyees Minx Nails

Katy Perry and the Minx Professional for Kimmie Kyees collection.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Minx

If you want to know the secret behind Katy Perry's killer nail art, look no further than her longtime manicurist Kimmie Kyees. (She's responsible for designing those custom checkered VMA nails with "Katy" written in cursive on each half moon!) Lucky for us, Kimmie hooked up with the nail wrap experts at Minx to create an eight-piece collection so we, too, can join her elite and fash-forward team of clients (think: Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, and Keri Hilson). She told InStyle, "I wanted my collection to be colorful with lots of movement to give my nail designs a life of their own," and we definitely think she delivered! From rainbow leopard print to florescent stars, she brings all SORTS of youthful goodness to our fingertips.

The bright stars with a silver outline emulate Kimmie's favorite shape. "I've always loved stars, so there absolutely had to be a star-themed Minx in my first collection. Paula Abdul gave me a star-shaped ring, my favorite earrings are in the shape of a star, Rihanna has star tattoos, Lindsay Lohan always asks me to do nail art with stars...it was meant to be!" Up next is the groovy, funkified '70s-inspired swirly nails. "It looks like there are all colors, shapes, and dimensions," she said, "so if you wear this design, be prepared to have people grabbing your hands so they can get a better look!" Kimmie offers two leopard options in her collection—the tri-color gradient nail (seen above) and the rainbow leopard inspired by Katy Perry's Purr perfume ad (which, um, will forever be engrained in our memory. So. Much. Latex.). "We were given photos of catsuits to demonstrate the theme, including a rainbow-colored leopard-print bodysuit," said Kimmie. "That particular suit wasn't used in the shoot, so I kept the matching Minx templates that we had made and it has been incredibly popular with my celebrity clients like Avril Lavigne and Jenna Jameson, so I knew I had to do this one!"

Katy Perry Kimmie Kyees Minx Nails

Kimmie Kyees and her Minx Professional collection.
Photo: Via @KimmieKyees' Twitter

For her paint-splattered design, she "included a splash of hologram Minx for a touch of iridescence" reminiscent of marbleized or spin art nails she's worked with before. Interestingly enough, the brown and teal shattered-effect nail you see here is actually a deconstructed photo of Kimmie herself—the brown and black fragments are her skin and hair. For the half black, half white design with a silver strip down the center, Kimmie said the strong blocks of color create a big overall impact. "Color blocking has been a big trend and I did a variation of this pattern in colors for Katy Perry’s ghd advertisement," she said. In another design (not pictured), Kimmie created a bright orange shimmery snakeskin print over a hologram. To get your hands on Kimmie Kyees' collection, find a stylist near you to get them professionally applied.

{via InStyle}

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