Lady Gaga Goes Makeup-Free!

lady gaga no makeup

Lady Gaga tweets a photo of herself.
Photo: Lady Gaga's Twitter

As she's probably well aware, anytime our Mother Goddess—that's Lady Gaga to you monsters-in-training—posts a photo of herself doing something faboo or totally normie-tastic, we're all over it. And now that we're in waiting mode until the launch of her Born This Way Ball (which promises a Monster Pit!) we'll take anything we can get. Lucky for all of us, Mother Monster knows how to tide us over with regular tweeting, and she recently gifted us with a new makeup-free photo complete with strong brows and an errant rose behind her ear. What's going on here, Lady G?

Though we're all familiar with her outrageous getups, mega makeup game, and futuristic face implants, our Lady is no stranger to going au naturel. Last fall, she posted a photo looking fresh-faced in India, scrubbed clean of her usual made-up persona. We LOVE that Lady Gaga is so willing to expose herself in her many incarnations, and going completely bare-faced is a look few pop stars are willing to publicize. But for the Born This Way Foundation founder and fake diamond endorser, there's nothing that's off-limits. In this photo, Our Lady is all about LE BROWS. Dark, full, and exquisitely manicured, they pop when offset by her side-swept platinum hair and bare décolletage. We like that the cream flower behind her ear adds a bit of retro romance to what appears to be a regular ol' tank top that's having trouble clinging to Mama M's shoulder. But what is going on here? Is she pink-cheeked and fresh from a workout? Is she in her post-shower PJs? (We spy a bathroom towel rack in the shot.) Or is she just chillin' at home, wanting to share an intimate powder room moment with the fans? We have no clue, but we're feeling much better about toning down our own makeup game.

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