Selena Gomez And Ashley Benson Change Their Hair

Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding, Skrillex, and Ashley Benson hang out.
Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Benson's Instagram

While our personal Instagram feeds are full of sunsets and new purchases, and pictures of the brunch/lunch/drink/dessert we are about to devour, leave it to Spring Breakers stars Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson to share a casual snap of them hanging with Ellie Goulding and Skrillex. Or at least we think that's Selena and Ashley. They've both CONSIDERABLY changed up their look!

We're not entirely sure what's going on with Selena's steez here, but we have a few theories. Maybe this is an attempt (kind of an elaborate one) to go incognito while in public? If so, why does she even need to, assuming there is a GRIP of security there for the (at least) four celebs in the house? Maybe this is a long-running joke between Sel and her mask-wearing beau? And the addition of the scarlet wig is her way of one-upping The Biebs?

We will likely never be sure, but this pic IS convincing us that Selena would look kind of awesome with red hair. And if Ash's pink tips, perhaps taking after Selena's formerly blue-purple locks, are any indication of Sel's trend power, well...we all better start looking up the best local wig shops ASAP.

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