Listen To Naomi Campbell, Nicola Formichetti, And Daphne Guinness's Fashion Mix Playlists

Naomi Campbell, Nicola Formichetti, Daphne Guinness

Naomi Campbell, Nicola Formichetti, and Daphne Guinness made Fashion Mix playlists.
Photo: Getty Images

As you know, it's our M.O. here at MTV Style to share with the world all the beautiful, interesting, and even weird ways that fashion and music intersect from magazine editorials to music video looks to amazing and strange performance outfits. They're two comminuties of art and self-expression, so naturally, there's a healthy amount of overlap. One of our finds in this conquest for unity is SHOWstudio's Fashion Mix project in which twice a week, the fashion x film hub posts 10-12 track playlists cooked up by major players in the fashion community including model Naomi Campbell, stylist/designer/creative director Nicola Formichetti, and fashionista heiress Daphne Guinness.

It's interesting how much closer you feel to a person when you know what they listen to, even when said person is intimidatingly gorgeous supermodel glamazon Naomi Campbell. I mean, Bob Marley to The Rolling Stones to Amy Winehouse. Everything about this is awesome. And with Nicola, you'd also expect at least one Lady Gaga or Azealia Banks track, but there's not a single one in sight. Instead, Nicola's playlist features a LOT of Ryuichi Sakamoto, his current muse of late. Daphne Guinness's mix is so incredibly indicative of her style and taste, moving from classical intrumentals to The Doors, Bob Dylan and more rock stand-bys and back again. Listen to all the Fashion Mixes HERE!

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