Marc Jacobs Sells A Wanted T-Shirt To Catch A Thief


A Marc Jacobs "Wanted" t-shirt.

Back in November, the entire Marc Jacobs spring 2012 collection was stolen from a train on its way from Paris to London. Remember that? Us, too. It was, how do you say, le BIG DEAL. The dastardly perpetrator is still at large but, luckily, the Marc Jacobs team rallied and reproduced the entire line. What's more, they had a sense of humor about it all. Not only did MJ put a giant train on the runway of his fall 2012 Louis Vuitton show (was this a gentle nod to the MJ collection theft?) he is now selling a hilarious $28 WANTED t-shirt bearing a sketch of the presumed thief.

The t-shirt came from a poster that the company designed with the word "WANTED" above a sketched figure wearing a ski cap, dark shades, and some sort of facial scarf obscuring his/her face. The suspect's information—including age, sex, height, weight, hair color, and eye color—was all filled in as "UNKNOWN" along with remarks about the 46-look heist ("including handbags and shoes") that took place on a Eurostar train on its way to London from Paris. The poster and t-shirt read, "The thief is still at large and is now considered dressed to kill." Um, this is HILARIOUS. It might seem like a brilliant marketing stunt but it is, in fact, the truth. And it makes us wonder who the thief really is. Was it a group of people? How did they actually pulled it off without anyone noticing? Did they hire Clooney and Pitt for a sort of Ocean's Eleven-style affair? It's a fashion mystery! But at least its one that comes with it's very own (affordable) t-shirt.

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