Elizabeth Banks Shows Off ‘Hunger Games’ Effie Nails

Elizabeth Banks in costume as Effie Trinket in “The Hunger Games.”
Photo: ElizabethBanks.com

In the words of Effie Trinket (played by the zhamazing Elizabeth Banks), “Happy Hunger Games!!!” Yes, it is finally game day, aka release day for the much-anticipated, completely awesome film adaptation of The Hunger Games book series. If you didn’t catch a midnight showing or are waiting to go this weekend, all we can say is it was totally worth the wait. Also, we’re obsessed with anything regarding the movie, such as Hunger Games accessories and over-the-top Effie Trinket nails. We were perusing ElizabethBanks.com recently, which is fantastic BTW, and came across this nail post featuring Effie’s INSANE nail tips, which got us thinking…you guys, is it time to EFF up our nail game?

A close-up of Elizabeth Banks’ Effie Trinket nails.
Photo: ElizabethBanks.com

First of all, we’d like to mention that it’s awesome that actors are taking publicity into their own hands. We’d much rather look at someone’s personal photos and read their own words when it comes to the behind-the-scenes action of the film world. (So, BRAVO E-Banks!). Apparently, Banks took tons of photos of her hair and makeup on set too. “The Effie makeup and fashion was just so intricate and detailed that I had to take photos to remember all the bits and pieces,” she wrote. In the photos we see Effie’s bright turquoise tips studded with mini caviar baubles and some sort of silver flower on top of a sliver star kind of thing. Not only are they mega long, they match Effie’s bright blue and yellow eye shadow. (Hold up, are her brows yellow??) We don’t know if we could pull these off, but they’re certainly eye-catching and super Effie’d up. But what say you? Would you wear super adorned razzle-dazzle Effie nails? Even just to support the official Hunger Games weekend?

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