We're Digging Rihanna's Bandana Game

Rihanna Bandana

Rihanna in New York on March 18 and in Malibu, Calif. on March 21.
Photo: Getty Images/Splash News

We're always looking for new (and cute!) ways to wear our hair when we're in a hurry, so when we spotted Rihanna's latest head accessory game, we were inspired by her '40s bandana up-do. On Sunday in NYC, she sported a traditional black paisley bandana with pitch black sunnies, bold red lipstick, a Givenchy orchid tee, and varsity jacket. We like how she channels a badass Rosie the Riveter look with her bright pout and a bit of her bangs peeking out of the front. In Malibu yesterday, she went a little more girly with her headgear and sported a white and pink chiffon polka dot scarf with a beige knit top and tons of gold accessories. She kept her gorge red matte lips the same but added a bit of glamor to her bandana by tying in a Chanel logo charm at the bow. It adds a little extra sparkle to her look, which we love! Also, we need to steal this idea ASAP.

If you want to try this look on your own, just grab any printed scarf in your closet and wrap it around your head so the ends meet at the top. Tie the loose ends in a knot, and that's it! You're done. If you're in need of a headscarf, we're super into this Codello silk headpiece. But if tying bows isn't your forte, some headscarves come pre-tied so you won't break a sweat trying to put your hair up. Make sure to leave some fringe free in the front so it doesn't look too harsh against your hairline, and voilà! You've transformed into a retro beauty in seconds flat.

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