Christopher Kane Makes Super Expensive (Questionable) Sandals

christopher kane sandals

Christopher Kane's Printed Silk-Blend Sandals.
Photo: Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Props to our friends at Fashion Indie for finding this GEM of a hot topic. If you're anything like us, you probably haven't even fully processed all the information bring transmitted to your oculars right now. You're probably thinking, "What the heck are Tevas doing on MTV Style??" Or you saw that Christopher Kane tip, did a double take, and were CONVINCED the fashion blogs had banded together for an elaborate style Rick Roll. We feel you. But doubt us not, little ones. The genius design mind behind laser cut neon, galaxy print, and gel-filled clutches is, in fact, also responsible for these bizarro, orthopedic-looking sandals. Just... WHY??

Okaayyyy, there are horror stories upon horror stories about what high heels can do to your feet, and these sandals seem to have your foot health in mind. What with the friction-increasing ridges on the sole and that sensible wide band upper and even that padded, arch-cushioning insole, they're enough to make your podiatrist shed a single tear. But like... Ugh. Do they really have to also cost upwards of $500? If I really wanted to dig my heels into some tootsie-friendly sandals that are actually built for river wading, I'd hit up Tevas for a fraction of the price.

We don't mean to whine incessantly against something we KNOW is good for us (much like purple cough syrup and pap smears). We just are reeeeally holding out for someone to sleuth a shoe design/construction/production method that creates comfortable, foot-healthy kicks that don't look like Jeep Wranglers. Like Cole Haan x Nike Air but even better! There's gotta be a way, right??

{via Fasion Indie}

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