Lady Gaga Shows Off Fake Diamond Earrings

lady gaga fake diamond earrings

Lady Gaga shows off her faux diamond earrings.
Photo: Lady Gaga's Facebook

MOTHER MONSTER IS BACK!!! Well, just for a brief moment, and not before possibly disappearing again for a rather lengthy bit of time, but no matter, Lady Gaga missed us Little Monsters. As you might recall, she's been rather absent from the public eye recently. Aside from launching the monumental Born This Way Foundation, which we're super excited about (and not just because she wore Sally LaPointe with aerodynamic headgear), Our Lady gave Oprah Winfrey an exclusive peek into the apartment she grew up in. This is the very same cozy abode in which she's currently ensconced, as well, and in the interview she said she would be forgoing any public appearances for quite some time. That is until she recently uploaded a Facebook photo of herself wearing ginormous diamond earrings.

Alas, these are not real. Always one to discuss her style choices (and support the work of up-and-coming designers), Our Lady of GaGAHH proudly proclaimed that these mega dangling diamond sparkle wonders were, in fact, faux. "Whatdya think of these fake baubles?" she typed, adding, "#DirtCheapPlasticLooksFantastic" which we wholeheartedly agree with. But, wait, DO WE? Per the fine folks over at Jezebel, a recent study has found that costume jewelry has high levels of toxic carcinogens. We're talking simple silver baubles from places like Claire's, Forever 21, and Walmart. #EEK What's more, ninety percent of the pieces that were tested from these stores contained high levels of hazardous chemicals that can lead to allergic reactions. (Sidenote: this is making us think about all the times we've worn cheap earrings and rings that have left weird marks on our skin. ARE WE CONTAMINATED?) We truly hope that Mother Monster has read this report and is protecting her lobes during this crucial time off before the Born This Way Ball next month. Stay safe, Mama M!

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