Daniel Radcliffe's 'Kill Your Darlings' Style Transformation

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe transforms into Allen Ginsberg on the set of "Kill Your Darlings."
Photo: Getty Images

Does Daniel Radcliffe never stop?? It feels like this guy JUST finished promoting the release of his period thriller The Woman In Black. Now, he's already in hair and makeup (and spiffy collegiate wardrobe) for a new project, playing poet Allen Ginsberg in indie film Kill Your Darlings. Charged with portraying one of the founding fathers of the Beat Generation, Daniel Radcliffe underwent a pretty serious style transformation to better fill these roomy oxfords.

In his regular life (which, OK...consists of step and repeats, press junkets, and photo-calls), Daniel favors a polished yet laid-back style aesthetic. He'll button up a well-ironed collared shirt, but in a casual fabric like denim or chambray. He'll also throw a chunky knit over top. And he won't tuck it in. Skinnier pants are a must, as is rough and tumble footwear like these streamlined combat boots that, with Daniel's slicked back coiffure, provide excellent bookends to his entire ensemble.

For the role of Allen Ginsberg, though, Daniel's tousled locks shake hands with a set of curlers to replicate the poet's own tendrils. Ginsberg's style is decidedly more '50s academic than Radcliffe wears day-to-day, but not that far a cry from his personal steez. Change a few details, and this outfit would be suitable for one of Daniel's many red carpet appearances. The khakis feature a silhouette that's definitely a bit dated (understandably), but just tighten the fit of the pants, remove the sweater, and swap out a pair of brogues not so squeaky clean, and this wouldn't be that huge a departure. Which style do you prefer Daniel in?

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