Dover Street Market Opens In Tokyo (And Is Coming To New York!)

dover street market

Dover Street Market's logo.
Photo: Dover Street Market on Facebook

London's Dover Street Market is easily one of coolest stores in the world. Aside from carrying ridic-awesome collections from the likes of Rick Owens, Peter Pilotto, and Celine, they carry a majority of the Comme des Garçons lines, too, the latest of which is in collaboration with A Bathing Ape. Founded in 2004, by CDG designer Rei Kawakubo, the store itself is a multi-floored wonderment of shopping hailed the world over as the epicenter of cutting-edge fashion. What's exciting about this—especially since we're, uh, in the US of A—is that they opened a new store in Tokyo and are expanding… to NYC. We're quietly hugging our knees to our non-existent Play by Comme des Garçons t-shirted chest while rocking back and forth, because this is HUGE.

With everything from covetable shoes, out-there accessories, homewares, an offshoot of beloved Parisian café the Rose Bakery, and an army of black-clad shopboys and girls with asymmetrical haircuts and slightly unapproachable stares, Dover Street Market is everything you think that kind of a store would be and more. And also inviting. Yes, it's beyond the beyond in terms of price point (though I was able to afford some socks and maybe a keychain), but in terms of being an inspirational temple of the latest in avant fashion, it's in a league all its own. And even if you don't buy anything, you can totes have quiche and salad in the café.

The Tokyo store is actually attached to a new Uniqlo store in the more conservative Ginza fashion district, and they covered the whole front of the store in concrete and glass so you can't see in. This gives us hope in terms of what we can expect for a stateside store. We're sure it will be something on an even weirder, grander scale. DSM founder Adrian Joffe told the Metro, "Wherever we open, it has to be a place with a lot of energy because the concept of the store is a beautiful clash of visions." We hope this clash includes hard-to-find Japanese sneakers and fish n' chips pizza. #JustSayin

{via British Vogue}

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