Peep Kreayshawn's 'Breakfast' Music Video Style

Kreayshawn on the set of her new "Breakfast" music video.
Photo: Courtesy of @Free_da_south and @jamieDbennett's Twitter

Hide your designer labels, y'all! Kreayshawn is rolling out a new music video! The Oakland MC tweeted last week that she had just wrapped a music video shoot for her new track "Breakfast," and FINALLY, behind-the-scenes pics are starting to trickle in! After the huge success of "Gucci Gucci," we're excited to see what Baby Kreay has in store for her sophomore video and another stint behind the lens (yep, she directed this bad boy, too!). Titled after a meal that so rarely happens out of home, we can't wait to see what kind of behind-closed-doors style shenanigans "Breakfast" has in store for us! Bedhead and fuzzy house slippers maybe?!?? We can only hope.

From the few Twitpics we've seen, there will definitely be no shortage of robes or negligees in this video. Kreay sports a diaphanous little mint number alongside the yellow hooded 2 Chainz (who is featured on the track). A new dark 'do, kind of a deep reddish brown, is offset by MASSIVE gold nameplate necklace with "KREAYSHAWN" in dripping block letters. In another on-set look, Kreay rocks some equally showstopping doorknocker earrings with a teeny tiny leopard print housecoat, knee-high rugby striped socks, and purple Uggs. *crossing our fingers for maribou heels and/or cat slippers*


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