Tavi Gevinson Shoots A Fashion Film For Wren

Tavi WrenTavi Gevinson during a Wren video shoot.
Photo: Via Tavi Gevinson's Instagram and Wren's Instagram

We don't know how you spent your weekend, but a perfect one would involve frolicking in '60s-infused dresses, an impromptu acoustic guitar jam sesh, and lady makeup galore. Add girl-crush-hero and Rookie mag editor Tavi Gevinson to the mix, and you're talking dream weekend territory here. Interestingly enough, this is not a daydream but a reality, and one that was chronicled in its entirety this weekend via the magic of Twitter and Instagram. Orchestrated for the elegantly laid-back LA clothing line Wren (one of our faves!), the directing duo of Maximilla Lukacs and Sarah Sophie Flicker—otherwise known as The Belles of the Black Diamond Field—shot Tavi for an upcoming fashion film for the label, and they captured her in MUSIC MODE with guitar in hand, her hair coiffed to sophisticated perfection. You might remember Miss Gevinson's recent musical foray in the animated short film "Cadaver", in which she sang a tender and beautiful rendition of Neil Young's "Heart of Gold". Will she be singing something for Wren? Also, what is this film all about? We spoke to Sarah Sophie Flicker about all of the girl power goings-on...

Tavi WrenTavi Gevinson during the Wren video shoot.
Photo: Via Todd Weaver's Instagram

Wren was founded by designer Melissa Coker in 2007, and is known for its lo-fi take on classic ladylike silhouettes in a fantastic array of prints. (We flipped for their spring 2012 collection and Gia Coppola film, too.) No strangers to the social media world, the line shared their latest film shoot via their Twitter page along with tweets from Flicker, photographer Todd Weaver, and Tavi herself all while it was in progress. "We had a wonderful shoot day on Saturday with the very magical Tavi… all I can say is that she is one very impressive young lady," Flicker said. "Tavi has a beautiful singing voice so Maximilla and I thought it would be fun to incorporate her voice into a piece for Wren."

Tavi WrenTavi Gevinson's makeup during the Wren video shoot.
Photo: Via Wren's Instagram and Dina Gregg's Instagram

The film was styled via Skype by Leith Clark, the founder and editor in chief of UK magazine Lula.

If you haven't picked up a copy of Lula yet, we strongly suggest you do as every issue is both an exuberant celebration of fashion and female creativity. We're knocked out by the makeup Tavi is exhibiting in these fuzzed-out glamour shots. THE EYES! THE HAIR! Seriously, people, makeup artist Dina Gregg and hairstylist Candice Birns created a full-on '60s chanteuse transformation. We're ready to recreate this entire look complete with mega-lined eyes and the rigmarole of putting our hair in curlers.

Tavi WrenTavi Gevinson during the Wren video shoot.
Photo: Via Wren's Instagram and Sarah Sophie Flicker's Instagram

"We had a true tribe of like-minded gals working on this, which is Maximilla and my favorite way to work!" Sarah Sophie Flicker said. The duo is well-versed in the art of vintage-tinged fashion related videos. Maximilla Lukacs is an award-winning filmmaker and artist who has shot numerous films and music videos, all with a definitive look and feel. And Flicker is a founder of The Citizens Band, a New York performance troupe known for its energetic cabaret shows incorporating acrobatics and dance numbers with music performances by the likes of Zooey Deschanel, Karen Elson, and most recently Zoe Kravitz. Together their work captures moments punctuated by fairy-dusted magic, banshee dramatics, and communal girl power—often tipped out in ethereal dresses and floral headpieces—and there's always a message conveyed through a female point-of-view.

Tavi WrenTavi Gevinson during the Wren video shoot.
Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Sophie Flicker/Instagram

"I am very excited about the new voice of strong, empowered girls… especially now with all this push back on Women's Rights," Flicker said. "It's so wonderful to see a feminine, vulnerable, smart and strong wave of cool girls making wonderful art. We tried to catch some of this lightening in a jar on our shoot on Saturday!" Seriously, though, we CANNOT WAIT to see this film. If this pic of Tavi in a printed dress, two-tone coat,floral headband, and intense graffiti-backed gaze is any indication, it's destined to be something truly special.


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