Justin Bieber Gets Knocked Out Of His Tux For 'Complex'

justin bieber complex magazine

Justin Bieber on split covers of "Complex" magazine.
Photo: Tony Kelly/"Complex"

And a good Monday morning to you, TOO, Complex and Justin Bieber! As a doting Belieber, it's SUUUUPER jarring to see the "Baby" heartthrob bruised and bloodied and seemingly in pain, especially immediately upon turning on my computer. *rubs eyes vigorously in horror* In honor of the mag's 10th Anniversary Issue, Justin graces two of the monumental covers gussied up in a tux with bandages and a steak-soaked black eye as a physical/artistic representation of the growing pains experienced by both the newly 18-year-old Bieber and birthday-celebrating Complex itself.

Of course, no entity would ever dare actually harm The Biebs for the sake of a photo shoot. This shockworthy spread is thanks to the concerted handiwork of stylist Matthew Henson, Justin's personal hairstylist Vanessa Price, and the pièce de résistance: incredibly believable busted-up makeup by Miho Suzuki. Instead of sending him into the ring in satin heavyweight shorts, Complex has Bieber in a tuxedo better suited for the red carpet than for defending right jabs against a dude twice his size—a Dolce & Gabbana suit, polka-dotted Topman bow tie, and Android Homme shoes. After the pearl-clutching stun factor of seeing pop's golden boy seconds from K.O. wears off, you realize it's all purple eye shadow, red #40, and high fructose corn syrup. And then we mourn the tragic loss of that ripped and dyed (formerly) crisp Won Hundred tailored shirt. *single tear*


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