Get Aubrey Plaza's Red Carpet Sunstache For $8

Aubrey Plaza wears sunglasses with a mustache attached.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

It's a hot topic that's been widely debated for years: Does the combination of sunglasses and a mustache automatically make you a badass? It's been said that "the sun never sets on a badass," and I'm pretty sure the mustache is the facial hair calling card of badassery. One would assume that the two working in concert results in a duo of volatile proportions. What, then, becomes of the facial hair-challenged public? Are we relegated to a life of torment, knowing we will never reach that upper echelon? Not if Aubrey Plaza and Urban Outfitters have anything to say about it.

The Parks and Rec actress hit the Casa De Mi Padre premiere step and repeat in a transitional fur gilet outfit topped off with this black wayfarer style sunnies + plastic mustache number. Say what?? Aubrey's not letting her estrogen and general inability to grow facial get her down. She's proving her worth in the leagues of badass with this sunstache. What's better news? You can follow suit with the help of this UO Sunstache for only $8! The ends don't turn up in cutesy curliques quite like Aubrey's, but these peepers will definitely get the job done. Happy 'staching, y'all!

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