The Top 5 Style Moments From The 'Jersey Shore' Season 5 Finale

That's it! Season 5 of our beloved fist-pumping, boardwalk dominating Jersey Shore is officially over, and what a season it was. From hair-raising drama with Deena to hard-hitting lessons with Pauly D, this fifth season at Seaside Heights has been equal parts entertaining and educational. Nowhere was this more true than in the style department, and this last episode took the cast out in one gigantic Snookilicious leopard print bang. Thus, we're spotlighting the sign-off ep's top 5 style moments. Here we go!


Vinny wears a too-tight tee on the season finale of "Jersey Shore."
Photo: MTV

Getting ready for one of the roommates' last nights out, Vinny polls the house for some style advice. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) for Vin, the Shore House loves fierce like family and doesn't intend to let their dude go out looking like a fool. Bestie Pauly D says, "Bro, that t-shirt's screaming, 'I. Don't. Fit. You.'" While Ronnie stands on the steps chuckling, Deena chimes in, "Where'd you get that? BabyGap?" Ouch. But think about how difficult spitting game at the club would have been if they let him out like that.


Sammi hardly leaves the mirror on the season finale of "Jersey Shore."
Photo: MTV

Now that she and Ron are working their way to a healthy relationship, Sammi has flown a bit under the radar this season. She's usually added into the storyline as a kind of drama oracle, spitting sage wisdom while doing her makeup sitting perched at the bottom of a full-length mirror. This episode was not only no exception, she did it twice. BAM.


The Situation mourns his rain-soaked shoe collection on the season finale of "Jersey Shore."
Photo: MTV

While the roommates are out camping, Vinny and Pauly pull "The Biggest Prank Of All Time" and turn the Shore House inside out. Mike, the M in MVP, doesn't take this as lightly as the rest of the Jersey Shore crew, sulking about his things being touched and moved around instead of hauling them inside before an impending thunderstorm. All Sitch's pouting lands him with a collection of rain soaked (okay, drizzled-upon) shoes and a sour face. #callthewahhmbulance


JWOWW and Deena model outfits for Jenk's on the season finale of "Jersey Shore."
Photo: MTV

This moment can be best summarized by a quote from Pauly D: "Holy boobs!" While getting ready for a night out at Jenk's, both JWOWW and Deena step up the bodycon clubwear game with these saucy little numbers. Though not quite the shoestring ensembles she's been wearing lately, Jenni says, "Now that's a little too much for Jenk's but I don't give a s***," while looking at herself in the mirror. Not to be out-done, Deena pulls out all the stops with her "Funbags Dress," a backless halter minidress with a color-blocked white bodice and black skirt, and of her "funbags," Deens says, "I call this one 'Devil' and this one 'Angel.'"


Vinny and Pauly D coordinate t-shirts on the season finale of "Jersey Shore."
Photo: MTV

Blink and you might have missed it, but it wasn't just Pauly wearing an enormous varsity block print message tee out to Karma on their last night at Seaside. That's right. The King of T-Shirts also wore a black-and-white crewneck to the club. But these weren't just any t-shirts, and the matchy smatchy-ness of it all was no coincidence. The boy besties took their last night together as an opportunity for one colossal display of bromance. Vin and Pauly's shirts TALK TO EACH OTHER. A sunglasses-wearing Vinny sports a tee reading, "U mad bro?" While Pauly's reads back, "I ain't even mad." AWWWWWwwww. *smile attack*

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