Santigold Changes Up Her SXSW Style

Santigold backstage and performing at the Fader Fort for SXSW 2012 in Austin, TX.
Photo: Getty Images

At exactly this time every year, an incredibly loud music and fashion spectacular of creative bacchanalia proportions takes place in Austin, Texas. You might have heard of it… a little festival called SXSW? Yeah, we’re pretty miffed we’re not there right now, too. *sighs flicks hair* While SOME of the MTV Style crew is there whooping it up at outdoor shows, tacos held happily aloft in hands, the rest of us are here to watch from afar. And if there’s any one artist kicking it out with fashionably loud style thus far (and enough for us to feel somewhat satiated by her mere photographic presence alone), it’s Santigold. Not only does Santi rock both her street and performance style with equally ferocious aplomb, she isn’t afraid to change it up repeatedly throughout the course of a day.

Santigold showed up at the Fader Fort wearing a black tuxedo jacket, white shirt, and cuffed striped jeans to show off those insane red Chloé boots with mega gold studs we’ve been coveting for forever and a day. During her actual performance, however, she changed into a graphic-faced oversize pink tee, a silver mini hoop skirt, striped leggings, pale peach booties, and wore round Beatles glasses with a princess crown. Out there, yes, but totally in the best way. At that same performance she also wore striped Hammer pants and a black graphic tee with gold-tipped flats. Though we feel these pants might be difficult to pull off as an everyday sort of thing, we applaud their use as super comfy performance pants with a bit of a graphic punch. We also love the sparkly Versace-esque jacket she wore to perform at the Warner Music showcase. We’re so down with this busy patterned look, especially when downplayed with black skinnies and hi-top sneaks. And Santi’s haircut? ON. POINT. We kinda sorta need this hairstyle immediately. And tickets to Austin please, thanks.

Santigold performing at the Warner Music showcase and at the Fader Fort for SXSW 2012 in Austin, TX.
Photo: Getty Images

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